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What to Expect...

Wild Omen Equine Gestalt Sessions are geared toward an experience. One that will bring you into the present moment and help to take a closer look at the things that may be holding you back in life. Empowering you to step into the true sense of who you are.

As your coach I will meet you in the moment, listen deeply and help to reveal the truths locked within you. 

This practice is steeped in the belief that nature has the ability to heal us. With the partnership of my horses, natural rituals bound to the earth and the healing power of plant medicine we take a nature walk through self discovery.

During our time together we may explore:​​

  • Fears or limiting beliefs that stop you from achieving a sense of peace.

  • Clarity and Healing around past Trauma

  • Grief and Letting go

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • PTSD

  • Establishing Compassionate Relationships

  • Your Core Values and Vision of the future

  • Developing Self-Care and Clear Boundary skills

  • Deepening your Connection to the Natural World

  • Exploring the origin of Beliefs & Archetypes 

  • Unearthing your true potential

  • Living by Season and Ritual

  • Restoring Balance, Clarity and Joy in your life

What is a Woman's Group/Circle??

Group Sessions have the main goal of building Community through Compassion. There is power in community and a deep sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves. These groups are for women who are willing to explore what is truly meant by holding space for one another. A deep connection to each other, nature and the horses becomes a powerful recipe for healing and the well being of all. These groups are steeped in the magic that embodies a supportive, non judgmental circle of empowering women.



Where do Sessions Take Place?

Wild Omen coaching sessions take place on a 300 year old Farm in West Newbury, MA. 

It's a magical place where clients can touch down, let go and experience the healing powers of Equine Gestalt Coaching. 

This is a tranquil setting which allows clients to explore their innermost feelings while surrounded by horses, gardens and the natural beauty of this farm.

The experience is powerful medicine for the soul. 



Kelly is an Amazing Coach!! Her natural Ease with clients brings true connection and safety. Her openness allowed me to feel seen and heard. She is a true gift.

Tracy W.

Wow! What a powerhouse coach! Kelly helped me through a huge piece of work and let me release something I didn't even know was within me. I will forever be grateful for her help which allowed me to move forward feeling fully empowered. Thank you!

Kristy F.

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