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Contact & Credentials

A Wild Omen, LLC
West Newbury, MA. 01985

Certifications & Studies

Touched by a Horse:  Certified Equine Gestaltist

Licensed Equine Facilitator, Master Gestaltist in Training

The Global Sisterhood: Certified Global Woman's Circle Leader

Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, Herbalist

The School of Evolutionary Herbalism, Herbalist

Ancestral Medicine & Animism, Dr. Daniel Foor

One Willow Apothecaries, Intuitive Plant Medicine

The Masterson Method, In Training

Mark Rashid: Considering the Horse, Course/Clinic Study

Herbal Healing for Horses: Herbalist

Horticulture-Bachelors of Science

Landscape Design-Harvard/Radcliffe School of Advanced Studies 

Monochrome portrait of two Icelandic pon
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