Hanging Herbs


Hi, I'm Kelly!

Certified Equine Gestalt Coach, Horsewoman, Herbalist, Horticulturist and Tender of all things Wild.

Always a nature lover, I find myself most at home in the presence of the simple things: animals, plants, water and forests. These are the places I sought comfort as a child and continue to do so to this day. In fact, I've made many of the most important decisions of my life in the presence of something wild. Most often...a Horse.

My relationship with horses started at a young age. As a kid, I would sneak into a farmers field and watch his horses graze for hours. Through middle and high school I was a trail guide for a local riding ranch. And in my early 20's I finally found my own horse, VisionQuest. 

That horse taught me countless life lessons. In his presence I was able to sort out the details of a bad day, renew my creativity and find inspiration in simplicity. Time spent with him allowed me to tap into the deepest parts of myself and live entirely in the moment. Most importantly, Quest taught me how to love with my whole heart and to gracefully let go.

Later in life, I found myself on a truth seeking mission. I became highly aware of the same questions coursing through my mind, "What's important to me?", " How can I take better care of myself?" and maybe even more importantly "What do I want out of this life?" These questions played on a loop. Over and over. 

At the time, I had a vital 20 year career as a Garden Designer in addition to being a practicing herbalist and a horsewoman with over 30+yrs of experience.  All things that soothed my soul and gave me a sound sense of self and success. I was also fortunate to have a beautiful farm, horses, dogs, friends and family that filled my heart. But what was missing? What could I do to make a difference?? To share that experience?

Luckily, I found my answer, and again, it was through the eyes of a horse and the guidance of an Equine Gestalt Coach. The perspective I gained from that experience helped me answer my questions, renew my spirit and gave me the inspiration to help others achieve that same clarity. ​

My goal is to give clients the opportunity to slow down and ground themselves in the natural beauty around them. To re-connect with a true sense of self, a value based life and a full heart.  Allowing the horses and I to guide them through a transformative Equine Gestalt Coaching experience as well as introducing them to the healing powers of nature. Opening their hearts, soothing their mind and awakening their spirit. 

I believe that it's never too late to find yourself. To truly know yourself and to flourish. And maybe, just maybe, it will be through the eyes of a horse and in the presence of natures wild beauty.



Kelly is an  amazing coach. She understands women and our struggles really well. She helped me see my beauty and the beauty of all my situations.


Kelly remains very focused and in contact with her clients. She takes her time and radiates her understanding of her clients feelings. She is a beautiful person/Coach and makes the world a better place.


Kelly is a wise and soulful coach who has a knack for allowing her clients the freedom to dive deep without  feeling like they've lost control. She is a coach I trust with my most inner workings and experiences.


Kelly is an incredibly impactful coach with a beautiful heart. She brings awareness to her clients and helps heal hearts so gracefully.