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Wild & Wise Retreats

Wild & Wise Retreats are a custom blend of unique experiences in gorgeous landscapes. Offering an opportunity for you to truly connect. The connection to Land, Horses, and to Others is potent medicine for the soul. It will bring you closer to knowing yourself better than ever before. 

Each retreat offers the somatic healing of Equine Gestalt combined with restorative Herbal Self Care Rituals which highlight the natural beauty of each location. In addition you will horseback ride throughout breathtaking locations.


These retreats are woven around the seasons and honor the practice of living life fully present.  Life by season & ritual is a way to tap into our deepest knowing of self care. It's an opportunity to let go, trust your intuition and reconnect with all that is Wild & Wise. 

What you'll experience...

-Transformational healing with Equine Gestalt

-Reflective & Grounding work with horses

-Exploration of energy and re-balancing the nervous system

-Herbal Self Care Rituals with wild foraged elixirs tinctures, flower essence, teas, baths & smoke 

-Horseback riding in the most gorgeous wild places in the West

-Amazing farm to table meals and locally sourced ingredients

-Embrace the wild beauty of nature: walking, hiking or meditation

-Reconnect, Restore & Nourish yourself with a life changing experience

Extras: Enjoy massages, yoga or soak in natural warm springs (specific to location)

Wyoming & Montana are 2024's offering.

Each of these are limited to 8 participants and space will fill quickly.


You can save your spot here or drop a question in at the bottom of the page.

Hope to see you!! 


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